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Terms and Conditions reserve the right to change and amend the Rewards T&C and Rewards Club at any time.

*Reward Updates : Effective August 6th 2018, all members will start to earn based on eligible stake amount products.

*If you acted fraudulent, and engaged in illegal activities when using the website and Rewards Club, or in breach with T&C, sole and absolute discretion to suspend and/or close your account and/or a related account.

*Once your member account is opened successfully, you are automatically a member of Rewards Club and you will start to earn points by playing real money. You will start to earn your reward points on Sports, Live Casino, Number, Games, Forex ( not include Poker games).

*You can use your reward points to redeem for Free Bets, Gadgets, Free Trips and many other exciting programs outlined on Rewards Club.

*Reward Points cannot be exchange into real cash but instead you can redeem into Free Bets.

*You are eligible to participate on any ongoing promotions on Rewards Club and/or unless stated otherwise on Rewards Promotions T&C for eligibility to participate.

*Your points earned shall be calculated and credited into your reward account. Please login into your account; select Rewards to check on your reward points balance and transaction history.

*Your reward points earned are calculated on a weekly basis and your points will be credited into your Rewards account once your points has been validated and verified.

*Your reward points do not include in any tie bets/voids/draw/cancellation of bets.

*You can start to earn your reward points when you place a minimum bet on any of the following products Sports, Live Casino, Number, games, forex ( not include Poker games). For every minimum bet will earn you 1 point.

*for every minimum of USD70 (or equivalent currency) in Sports, Live Casino, Number, games, forex ( not include Poker games).

Winning7 Wheel of Fortune
  1. 50 points require to make one spin.
  2. Winning7 has the right to cancel or withdraw the Winning7Wheel of Fortune rewards recreational program or change any of terms and conditions at any time and without notice/cause.
  3. Winning7 Wheel of Fortune is designed for recreational accounts only and will be attributed accordingly. If found any accounts deemed to be non-recreational and attempting to abuse the nature of the Wheel of Fortune "Free Spin" will be voided without hesitations. Winning7 has all the sole rights and decision which is regarded as final.
  4. Winning7 has all the sole rights to refuse prizes won such as Reward Points / Free Bets / Promotion / Items to a member or cancel a member participation in the Free Spin where Winning7 reasonably believes that such customer has historically, abusing by any reason including from the technical issue or defrauding the 5. Winning7 Wheel of Fortune system.
  5. Winning7 is the sole arbiter of the Wheel of Fortune by Rewards and the decision is final and binding
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